Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pure Holiday Inspiration from Pinterest

Source: via Sheila on Pinterest

Pinterest is brimming with amazing holiday DIY crafts, ideas, recipes and inspiration. Pictured below (and above) are some of my favorite  pinboard delights.

Also check out the 101 Handmade Holiday Tutorials from Everything ETSY.

Happy, wonderful weekend!

Source: via Luulla on Pinterest
Adorable miniature winter ornaments-- how cozy! 

Source: via Sharon on Pinterest
Snowman gift box embellishments to melt the heart

Source: via Kawi on Pinterest
Cute felt snowgirl ornaments 

Source: via Angela on Pinterest

Kawaii Christmas cookie packaging

Source: via Jaime on Pinterest

Chocolate dipped spoons, yum!

Source: via Eunhye on Pinterest
Baked gingerbread mini doughnuts--heaven!

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