A-Toy-A- Day Keeps the Blues Away

By Christy Amular - November 30, 2011

No one is too old to play with paper toys! Visit Toy-A-Day to pick, print, play and display your favorite characters. My favorites are old school, classic characters like Nancy (my all time fave), Snoopy, The Little Prince and Popeye among others. Where is Fido Dido, He-Man, Felix the Cat and The Three Stooges? Would love to see them as paper toys.

What character makes you smile?

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  1. definitely making my own little prince!♥

  2. I second Susie's comment!
    I still quote the Little Prince, especially for his emphasis on derooting baobabs on time, and also because "exactly the sheep he was looking for" was actually a drawing of a box! Meaning that what we are looking for is ultimately not picture-clear, and ought to leave room for spontaneity and the imagination...
    Oh, there are so many more reasons why I love that book, perhaps it is time to read it again! :) Christy, your blog is the best!


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