Aiuoe Holiday Art for Desktop and iPhone + Printable Pochi Bukuros

By Christy - December 06, 2011

Enjoy the Christmas season with a splash of whimsical zakka art on your desktop or iPhone courtesy of Japanese illustrator Aiuoe.  Visit the desktop wallpaper gallery here or print a cute Auioe Pochi Bukuro (money or small gift envelopes). If giving gift cards or cash gifts during the holidays is your thing, check out an extensive array of printable, artful Pochi Bukuros here. These beautiful gift envelopes will delight your recipients in more ways than one.  

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  1. I loved downloading a few of the lai see packets! As I find it useful to have little reusable envelopes myself, I like to make them part of gifts (there is no lai see exchange here, but I still use the envelopes to wrap small gifts). You posted so many wonderful things today, I will be commenting on all posts! Thank you for the Christmas joy! :)

  2. thanks for this! it's my new wallpaper on my phone! :)


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