Holiday Tabletop Trees and Charlie Brown Christmas

By Christy Amular - December 13, 2011

Do you love tabletop trees?

Unlike regular, family sized Christmas trees, tabletop ones are wonderful to personalize. The one pictured above is my retro kitsch Christmas tabletop tree affectionately called "Life Savers Christmas tree" in reference to the iconic bouy shaped candy.  

 This is my Santa's Workshop tabletop tree. I love wooden ornaments!

Well, not exactly a tree but a Metoo bear nightlight that I upgraded for a festive Christmas mood.I love how it casts a nice, warm glow to the room as I fall asleep.

Speaking of Christmas mood, listening to some Charlie Brown Christmas music always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. 

May you have a happy Charlie Brown Christmas!

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  1. I love Christmas trees big and small :) && Charlie Brown too! Vince Guaraldi Trio is the best!! I love watching the holiday Charlie Brown episodes ♥

  2. Your tree is so cute, what wonderful ornaments! I love tabletop trees, too, but it can hard to find a nice one. I second the Vince Guaraldi comment - there are times when I listen to it on repeat :)


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