Magical Holiday

By Christy Amular - December 18, 2011

Here's my jolly cadre of helpful holiday gnomes. Apparently there's still a lot of baking and  crafting to be done and I need all the magical help I can get. ;)

I really love Christmas sparklies and twinklies! I can stare at these lovely bokehs the whole day. What Christmas thing makes your heart sparkle?

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  1. You're back! :)
    the bokeh is lovely~
    I can't say that one thing makes my heart must be everything about this season and what it means!

  2. There's nothing left for me to add to what Susie wrote! ;) ...but I could elaborate!
    Honestly, I am trying to take the time these days to reflect on the meaning of Christmas. Sometimes, one can get so bogged down with whatever doubts or similar seem to pile up invisibly in one's mind, and I've noticed how important it is to realise that such things are such 'small fish' in the ocean; and that the greater meaning is so much greater and so different. And it is a loving message, one that the mind cannot entirely hold in its limited grasp. We are to feel released, and grateful - but sometimes it can take a little unwinding to find that place in our hearts. I wonder if what I've wrote makes any sense.
    Also, if Christmas is coming to soon, do know that it is celebrated two weeks later (on the 7th) in many parts of the world! ;)

  3. Thanks for the greetings Christy .. Happy New Year to you too. x


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