Dot and Roscoe Paper Pals from Emily Martin

By Christy Amular - January 02, 2012

Image from Emily Martin/ Inside a Black Apple

We're never too old to play with paper dolls! The ultra-talented Emily Martin of the the Inside a Black Apple blog fame has a wonderful Dot & Roscoe Wintery Paper Doll download to share.  Print away and have fun!

Of course you have to take a peek at Emily's Black Apple ETSY shop where curious art, paper goods and whimsical dolls (you have to camp out online as they sell out in less than a minute) abound. I'm super smitten with these adorable goodies in her shop:

Pinback button: Kitten Pals

Sweet as Pie Pocket Notebooks

Pie Picnic Print 10x8
Round Locket: Kitten Bandit

The One Tree Print 8x10
Blooms & Branches Greeting Card Collection

By the way, lest you will be surprised to see festive date pudding recipes, candy canes and more holiday crafts and links in the days to come, be reminded that Christmas season at Maison Sweet Tidings officially ends on January 8. In the meantime,  the Christmas tree stay up and twinkle on!

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  1. That makes Maison Sweet Tidings the perfect place to cozy up to as an antidote to the winter blues!
    ...there was even a post on AT about keeping fairy lights up long after the holiday season...
    I am so happy that your Maison (I so love the extended name!) is officially open to include the Eastern Christmas!
    This post has brought such a smile to my heart, that I want to keep it open all day ;) Hurrah for Christmas cheer, and all cozy things kawaii at our favourite Maison to keep our minds bright and joyful ^_^


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