Just add sugar

By Christy - January 13, 2012

Sew Easy: Stitching an oilcloth iPod cozy is a cinch. 
I'm loving Martha's perfect rainy day sewing projects.

Wild Romance: I always love a hilarious, light and bubbly romantic 
comedy k-drama and this one has me LOL'ing all the way.

Sweet Treats: Yummy goodies from BFF who always brightens my day. Thank you!

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  1. thats a really cute ipod case you got there! and journal too. did you draw on the cover of it? :)

    1. Thanks susie! I didn't draw the journal's cover. The artwork is part of the journal's design. :)

  2. What a kawaii photo of the ipod case you made combined with the inspired notebook and rilakkuma bear clip. What a way to jazz it up ^_^


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