Meditation on a Matryoshka Nesting Doll

By Christy Amular - January 02, 2012

Look within

Those who have been following my blog know that I love matryoshka nesting dolls very much.  I love their folk art charm and appeal and how they can brighten up a room in an instant. Never have I imagined that these pretty dolls that have launched a thousand ETSY creations can actually become practical spiritual reminders.

This particular blog post is prompted by a beautiful, large sized nesting doll set that I received as a Christmas gift fom a good friend. As I opened the grand maman doll to reveal a smaller daughter doll, it dawned on me that a nesting  doll is  just like a human being- full of beautiful, myriad, unexpected layers.  As each tinier doll is revealed, the simpler the doll or the form becomes. Eventually, when all the layers have been removed what is left is a teeny weeny baby doll. Perhaps if it is microscopically possible to excavate the tiniest molecule, there would be nothing left but pure, expansive space- a space full of vibrating nothingness. That one I call soul.

This 2012, one of my ardent resolutions is to get acquainted with my innermost matryoshka. Look within yet embrace expansion.

What about you? What insights inspire you this new year?

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  1. What an inspired post, and a beautiful gift :) May we grow our eyes to see the essence of things, not just their appearance... But apparently there is a children's book about this, and I really hope to order it soon. That's one of my goals - to order and read that book ^_^


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