DIY: Rose and Blossom Upcycled Doily Vase Tutorial

By Christy - February 08, 2012

I love the beauty of second chances! This Stabucks frap bottle almost ended up in the recycling bin if not for the piece of cake doily ribbon I found protruding between the pages of a book. I love putting things together. Empty milk bottle meets sweet paper cakery.  And how about a fading red rose to sweeten it up? It's amore.

DIY Rose and Blossom Upcycled Doily Vase

  • Empty milk bottle
  • Cake doily roll strip
  • Natural twine
  • Wooden button (optional)
  • Adhesive tape

1. Wash and clean and dry bottle.
2. Fasten a piece of cake doily ribbon around the bottle. Secure with adhesive tape.
3. Wind natural twine around the bottle and fasten with wooden button (this step is optional).
4. Fill vase halfway with water and display a budding or a fading rose. Enjoy!

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  1. Perhaps because I have so few vases, I have come to love the non-traditional vase! I love the doilie look you featured here, and recently used a vintage mini-pot and even green-glazed tea kettle for vases.
    On a flower note, have you seen this gorgeous mori girl photo montage? I got such a kick out of it!

    1. Tea kettles make the cutest vases! Thanks for the mori girl link.It's so quirky!


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