February Creative Everyday Project: Zodiac Constellation Embroidery

By Christy Amular - February 02, 2012

My first Creative Everyday project for February is inspired by stars and constellations. A couple of days ago, I sat on our front porch gazing at the clear black sky as a small tin bucket citronella candle scented the warm evening. With only a wisp of grey clouds visible, the night time canvass was dotted with shimmering, shining stars. I could sense that these stars were winking at me from distant galaxies. Testing the principle of parallax, I palmed my left and right eye alternately-- playing peek-a-boo with the stars. Oh the stars! They are so near yet so far.

As I would rather stitch than draw, I decided to capture in cloth the constellation of Scorpius, my zodiac sign. In truth, I have yet to find Scorpius in the sky although the more prosaic constellations are always visible in my peripheral vision.

This simple zodiac sign embroidery is stitched on black cloth using a 4.25" embroidery hoop and cream embroidery floss. A fast stitcher can complete this project in less than 20 minutes. A little photo post processing using Pixlr-o-matic yielded a result that is both magical and mysterious.

Visit the work of fellow Creative Everyday Challenge participants at Creative Everyday. Who knows there is something or someone who can help ignite your creative spark.


Listen to the stargazing playlist at Stereomood for inspired, nocturnal relaxation.  In the meantime, twinkle on!

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  1. This was such a beautiful post, I wanted to stop by to say so before calling it a day. And while I can't see any stars outside my window, thanks to this post, I am now imagining them, to the tune of the kiddie song, twinkle twinkle little star ah! The perfect theme for quality night-time dreaming! Bon nuit ;)

    1. Thank you! I'm having a blast with this creative everyday challenge. I'm glad you like the theme too.


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