February WIP Armageddon

By Christy Amular - February 16, 2012

Oh my goodness! Can't believe we're halfway through February. How's your crafty life going so far?

I came across BirchBee's blog a few days ago and I  chanced upon the 2012 WIPpocalype sew-along/craft meme hosted by Measi's Musings. If the Mayan's predictions are to be believed the world will go kaput this year. It doesn't really bother me if it does (since we are all going to collectively die anyways)  but I wish it doesn't happen because there are so many DIY projects I still want to do. So before December 21, 2012, I want to complete my monthly WIP Armageddon to-do projects.

Here's my list for February:

DIY Sugar Lip Scrub from Honestly...WTF
Rainbow Cake in a Jar from Babble 
Bunny Rabbit Hoodie from Instructables
Orange Peel Candle from Stylist
Mini Piñatas DIY from Oh Happy Day!

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  1. HEEE This post was in my craft reader and I was like OH my goodness! That's meeeee! I feel like I've been mentioned by crafting royalty LOL. And I have such a boring blog too!

    I'm glad it led you to the WIPocalypse though. I need to update for this month still, before the mayans get us and what not. :D

    1. Glad to have found your wonderful blog and the WIPocalypse! Thank you for the kind words but in truth I'm no craft royalty. ;)


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