Mosaic Monday: Happy Hearts + Newsletter Sent

By Christy - February 13, 2012

1. Valentine Hearts, 2. Felted wool valentine hearts, valentine red, white, and pink, set of 9, 3. Handmade Valentines made by Martingale Staff, 4. heartbis4, 5. green tea - red doily, 6. Origami Hearts, 7. Romantic hand carved heart face change rubber stamps, 8. heart potholder, 9. Untitled

May your hearts be happy and full this Valentine's Day!

On a side note, I have just sent the valentine issue of Sweet Tidings Newsletter to those who have subscribed. If you have read a phishing warning (it depends on your email provider) at the top of the newsletter kindly ignore. Rest assured it was me who sent the newsletter. It is therefore safe to open and you will even find exclusive Valentine printables. I will have to transfer to a simpler email service provider in the next couple of days to eliminate this kink.Thank you for understanding.

Have a great week!

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  1. I loved the newsletter - it was so cute and had the perfect balance of lovely elements! ^_^ But I don't want to be too specific, in case this reads like a spoiler.
    What an inspired mosaic - so much here to l♥ve! :)


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