What kind of cupcake are you?

By Christy - February 11, 2012


What's your cupcake personality? Take the Betty Crocker quiz to find out!


Here's my result. Let me know yours. :) 

You Are a Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting


Sweet things, big dreams and a happy-go-lucky spirit. All are represented in Red Velvet Cupcakes; all are reasons these are the ones for you. Keep them to yourself or share with friends.


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  1. That's so cute! Nice tip:)
    I was a "From the Heart" cupcake<3
    "Love is in everything you do. So it only makes sense that you’re a "From the Heart" cupcake. Make them for your sweetheart to show how much you care."

  2. I got to the shoes part of the quiz, and had a problem! That's all I'll say :) But it was a very amusing diversion, especially since the assortment of questions on that quiz was particularly entertaining (what does footwear have to do with cupcakes - and then, the philosophical quotes! It was one of the most imaginative quizzes I think I have ever seen!) ^_^

  3. I was a malted milk ball cupcake! Which is awesome as I love malted milk balls. hah


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