Cake for Breakfast Printable Art from Wild Olive

By Christy - March 06, 2012

Hmm, if only sugar weren't so evil I'd eat cake for breakfast for the rest of my life!

For me, a delightfully airy chiffon cake piled with clouds of fluffy, white frosting and downed with a frosty glass of orange juice would make the best breakfast treat in the world. Alternately, I can just print and frame Wild Olive's sweet printable PDF art  and display it near my breakfast nook. It would perk up my day even if I'm just staring at a bowl of oatmeal.

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  1. Just for interest sake do you remember the old food pyramid from school.
    If not I will let you in on a little secret:
    Breads and cereals - 6 serves (so chocolate cake is made with flour, 1 serve)
    Fruits and Vegetables - fruit 2, vege 5 (cocoa (fruit) comes from a plant, 1 serve, add some beetroot (vege) to the chocolate and you get one for each)
    Meat, eggs and Nuts - 3 serves (one serve of egg in cake, and one of nuts if you add crushed nuts to your mix)
    Milk and cheese - 2 serves (milk in the mix, 1 serve)
    Fats, oils and sweets - use sparingly (so eat it at breakfast and not for the rest of the day)
    CONCLUSION: A good chocolate cake recipe satisfies the food pyramid which ever way you look at it and therefore makes the perfect breakfast food!!


Your comment is very much appreciated. Thank you so much!