Cloud in a Room

By Christy Amular - March 14, 2012

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That's not faux cotton candy cloud hanging from the ceiling. It is in fact, umm, real! 

That amazing, science meets art man-made cloud called Cumulus II was created by Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde. It was created in  'Probe,' a test lab for art projects. Smilde was able to create the cloud through the use of smoke, moist and and dramatic lighting.  With all things ephemeral, this magical cloud in a room only exists for a moment before it evaporates into the ether.

{Found via iO9 }

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  1. Wow... that's very cool, I just assumed it was photoshopped, but there you are!! ;) Cheers!

  2. That's amazing and so gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I love this! I'd love to know how he did it, especially since it would dazzle my students if I were to manage something similar.


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