Crafty Tumblr Weekend

By Christy Amular - March 03, 2012

I can't mention enough of how much I love blogging on Tumblr! I can blog in 5 seconds without fussing about blog titles or resizing photos. Heck, I can blog without post titles and most of the time a one-sentence update would suffice. I love the concept of re-blogging and it doesn't feel like a crime.  Although it may sound unoriginal for some people, I love echoing and annotating content that resonates with me. On the Tumblr platform, blogging doesn't seem like a self-absorbed activity as your content is continually on the radar via tags. The power of tags! They connect people in more amazing ways than one.

Here are some fabulous DIY/craft Tumblr blogs I've discovered lately. I know there are tons more out there but I'll discover them in time. Just click on the tumblr banners.

Enjoy and happy weekend!


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  1. I like Tumblr for photos and inspiration, however, I am not much a fan of people actually blogging there.. because most of the time you have no chance to leave a comment!


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