Playful DIY Crafts

By Christy Amular - March 29, 2012

Plastic Animal Pincushion DIY from Small Good Things

Plush Fox Doll DIY from A Beautiful Mess

DIY Magnetic Tote Bag from Ducks in a Row

DIY Glow Glass Jars from Intimate Weddings

I really believe the spirit of play is the essence of crafting and DIY-ing. No wonder time just stands still when we indulge in our favorite crafts. Check out some of my handpicked play inspired crafts pictured above. The animal pincushion is really on my must-make soon list.  


Sorry for the intermittent posts and lack of new DIY tutorials. I'm currently attending to urgent matters but I'll be back soon with a new tutorial. Happy Thursday!

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  1. oh the pom pom!!! i used to make tone of those as a kid! Might start again!
    hope all fine with you!


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