Spring and Summer Flowergarden Angel

By Christy - March 12, 2012

One of my simple joys is sewing little handmade dolls. I love the warm, fuzzy feeling I get after putting the finishing touches to a doll or toy. It may sound strange but I consider doll making my spiritual exercise. More than any hobby or activity, sewing dolls makes me feel like I'm co-creating with the universe to add a little bit of beauty to this oftentimes sad world. My previous blog post highlights that stream of thinking.

This Flowergarden Angel is made from one of the doll patterns from Tilda's Summer Ideas book. I incorporated my own style by adding straps to the doll's dress and embellishing the flip flops with beaded flowers.

Have a beautiful new week!

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  1. She's so lovely! Have a wonderful week too!

  2. What a lovely blog you have! I'm so glad you led me to it :)
    Blessings- Amy J.


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