Awesome Amigurumi Patterns

By Christy - April 25, 2012

Images from Amigurumipatterns

Love to crochet cute little critters? Get your fill of adorable and lovable patterns at Amigurumi Patterns.  You simply have to like Amigurumi Patterns on Facebook to be able to download your desired pattern. You can also purchase special patterns at the AP shop.

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  1. That cat is absolutely adorable! I love that it's wearing a little headband too.

  2. It's funny, but it's the tiny kawaii touches I am drawn to these days: amigurumi fruit hang from my desk lamp, and two kinder toys, one holding a handy magnifying glass, are tucked into my office supplies. So, when I saw this post, I thought, yes! Amigurumi: kawaii fun for all ages! :)


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