Wishing upon a Tao Tao Mona

By Christy Amular - April 18, 2012

My folks gave me this little present- a box of Tao Tao Mona Wishing Statues (or make that statuettes as they are as small as chess pieces).  What are these totem pole like figurines exactly?

On the package it says:

We are the ancient spirits of the ancient people of Guam called Tao Tao Mona.For thousands of years, we have been called to help a person with any dream or wish that they would like to come true. To help you make these things come true, you must first work hard yourself with focus and happy thoughts. Second, keep as many of the Tao Tao Monas with you to guide and remind you of you wishes and dreams. With both of us working together, anything is possible and dreams do come true!

Love, Happiness, Luck, Wealth. Strength, Good Health, Wisdom, Peace, Happiness, Long Life...
Hmm, so I am supposed to carry these around with me all the time? I do hope my wishes do come true.  I wish you all the good things worth striving for--Love, Happiness, Luck, Wealth. Strength, Good Health, Wisdom, Peace, Happiness and Long Life. ^-^


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  1. Interesting...You learn something new every day!

  2. Wishing you all those good things too.... :)


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