Good Weekend Reads

By Christy Amular - May 06, 2012

Image from Pink of Perfection

I barely have time to read blogs during weekdays but on weekends, I like to read and enjoy  random blogs over a tall glass of iced tea (it's summertime  you know). I plan to make Good Weekend Reads a permanent blog fixture just like Mosaic Mondays. There's just a lot of fabulous blogs out there to discover and highlight.

Here are the blogs I'm loving this weekend:

1. Pink of Perfection:  Sarah McColl's blog Pink of Perfection is a distinguished member of Martha's Circle, a network of blogs handpicked by Martha Stewart editors. It's hard not to fall in love with this blog. Sarah's easy, breezy writing style is so comforting just like a hot cup of chamomile tea. She  invites you to pause awhile and enjoy the moment. Feast, delight and flourish could just become our very own mantra!

2. Not Martha: Oh, I have been reading Not Martha since time immemorial..way way back before I even started this blog. I love its super condensed format just perfect for folks like me who have 5-10 minutes to spend on a blog.  I may just take a cue and start writing my blog in bullet points next time. ;)

3. Retail Design Blog:  I love retail design and I love a blog that showcases the best of it all.  Retail Design Blog by Antica presents a global compedium of visually arresting store designbranding, lighting and so on.

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  1. thanks for sharing these lovely blogs! :]

  2. Olá amiga!
    Adorei seu espaço!!!

    Espero tua visita.


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