La Petite Poupée

By Christy Amular - May 31, 2012

Photos from La La Petite Poupée

Adorable zakka goods from  La Petite Poupée, online shop of Japanese textile maker Asahi Create Co. I just love the romantic fairytale woodland style and flair of the items. They're just perfect for Mori Girls!

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  1. I still find it so fun to look at mori-style things - and just love the idea that the next generation is still going out to read books in the park! :)
    Also, I so enjoy stopping by here - your blog so often brings a smile to my face, thank you! Even when I don't have time to make the crafts, there is nothing like looking at a few colourful pictures, and thinking: I could make that, too, if I tried!
    Wishing you a lovely week <3


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