Making bonbon boxes

By Christy Amular - May 04, 2012

I am especially fond of homemade paper packaging. I think it's a fun, creative way to express one's personality or mood. Kraft paper still remains to be my favorite material. It's natural, down-to-earth and simple. Ahh, if you were paper, what would you be?

I recently made some homemade bonbon boxes from this wonderful, free bonbon box template from Mirkwood Designs. It's perfectly petite sized with the bottom dimension just measuring  "2.5"x "2.5." It's just the right size to package an Oriental treat like wagashi,or manju cake. It's great for packaging handmade chocolates and party favors too.

For an Eastern flair you can use Washi  or Chiyogami (Yuzen) origami papers or if you are more adventurous you can fashion a bonbon box out of banana leaves or grass paper to showcase handmade or culinary creations.

I'll be back with a Mother's Day craft round-up soon. Happy Friday!

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  1. Lovely, I like the button too!

  2. these are very cute!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend 'mm dear :]

  3. Wonderful post on homemade paper packaging like bonbon boxes. Infact paper is renewable and bio degradable, hence no risk of pollution or wastes ( Biofaltenbeutel )


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