I Heart Origami Bookmarks

By Christy Amular - June 08, 2012

I've been eyeing Tweety Atelier's  뜨위티 아트리에  clever origami DIY tutorials for quite some time. Origami was the first ever arts and crafts hobby I was introduced to when I was around 4-5 years old thanks to a grandma who often supplied me with kindergarten craft booklets and supplies. 

I found some contemporary 6"x 6" printed paper stacks in a local stationery store I thought they'd be perfect for Tweety's origami projects. My first project was this easy and extremely useful origami bookmark/page marker. The bookmarks are great for organizing divider notebooks and keeping favorite pages in tab.

Happy Friday!    

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  1. This is adorable, I love it! ♥

  2. I like how the origami bookmark clips onto the corner of the book. Perfect use for that particular origami -- I've made those before but never thought to use them as a bookmark! Cool idea!

  3. It looks so great with colored paper! I love it :D


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