Paper Crane DIY

By Christy - June 26, 2012

After several tries, I finally learned how to fold a paper crane via this tutorial on You Tube. The process looks difficult at first but after a while it becomes relaxing and meditative.  :)

Check out these wonderful paper crane projects and resources. Making one thousandth paper cranes could soon be a breeze!

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  1. Love the paper link-print! Thanks!

  2. Lovely! I am usually so bad at origami in terms of following instructions since my fine motor skills are not the best. but if I watch a video, it's much more helpful!

  3. I hope to make it to this project in the next few weeks; how handy to jazz up prezzies instead of a bow. This is the kind of craft that never gets old, and is always welcome. Love stopping by your blog.

  4. This brings back memories! I remember making 1000 of them as a project in high school. And they said crane is basic origami because when you mastered it one time, you won't forget it for the rest of your life. So far it's been true for me :)


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