Personalized Sharpie Blog Coffee Mug

By Christy Amular - June 20, 2012

I love this His + Hers Sharpie  Mug DIY project from A Beautiful Mess. All you need to make your own very personalized mug are sharpie pens, a cheap ceramic white coffee cup and an oven. 

This is my sharpie coffee mug--my companion while reading my favorite blogs! 

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  1. So sweet! Enjoy yours, having mine soon.

  2. so cute cup. use these type of mugs as a custom mugs. you can print anything at the mugs.
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  3. I've so enjoyed the little scenes you've set in these two most recent posts - and the mini blackboard is such a cute and funny backdrop!

  4. I tried this, and it just washes off. Even after baking. :-(

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  7. Awh, I love simple gifts like this. Hand how perfect that it worked out like that!

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