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Hello Biscuit!

Zakka goodies  galore from Kraso's summer spring collection catalog
Hello dearies! Sorry, the month of  June has been a very hectic one for me. I hope to make it up to my faithful readers soon. In the meantime enjoy all the wonderful zakka inspiration from Kraso. I'll be back sometime this week with a fabulous giveaway from Novica.

See you!

Wonder Dad DIY Card from ZÜ

Dads will love receiving this adorable French inspired Father's Day Card! Download the template from .

Inner Garden

How I wish this was my herb garden, all blooming and fragrant with the wondrous smells of summer.  :)

May we continue to keep our inner secret gardens (imaginary or real) verdant and beautiful all year long. Happy June!

Twine and Scissor Stand Tutorial

This is probably the easiest tutorial I've ever put together. All you need is a ball of jute twine, a vintage spool and a vintage looking craft scissors (got mine from here).

Assemble them in the prescribed order pictured above and voila, you've got one homey looking twine and scissor stand.

Saturday is for making glazed donuts

Store-bought plain donuts and my special homemade glaze. Quite a lovely combination. :)

Have a delicious weekend!