Holiday DIY: Sweetly Simple Clothespin Angels

By Christy - December 04, 2013

There are lots of clothespin angel tutorials out there but this version is probably the simplest and the easiest. A bit of cupcake wrapper and fabric/washi tape are all you need to create these simple but sweet Christmas tree ornaments.


  • Wooden clothespins
  • Cupcake wrapper
  • Fabric or washi tapes
  • Ornament wire hanger
  • Glue gun and glue stick 

1. Fold a cupcake wrapper into half. Scrunch the middle portion to form "wings."
2. Wrap the upper portion of the wooden clothespin with a piece of fabric or washi tape.
3. Wind a piece of ornament wire into the center of the cupcake wrapper wing.
4. Using a glue gun, attach the wing to the upper portion of the clothespin angel.
5. Voila, your clothespin angel is ready to hang on the tree!

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