Holiday DIY: Sweetly Simple Clothespin Angels

There are lots of clothespin angel tutorials out there but this version is probably the simplest and the easiest. A bit of cupcake wrapper and fabric/washi tape are all you need to create these simple but sweet Christmas tree ornaments.


  • Wooden clothespins
  • Cupcake wrapper
  • Fabric or washi tapes
  • Ornament wire hanger
  • Glue gun and glue stick 

1. Fold a cupcake wrapper into half. Scrunch the middle portion to form "wings."
2. Wrap the upper portion of the wooden clothespin with a piece of fabric or washi tape.
3. Wind a piece of ornament wire into the center of the cupcake wrapper wing.
4. Using a glue gun, attach the wing to the upper portion of the clothespin angel.
5. Voila, your clothespin angel is ready to hang on the tree!


  1. Absolutely love the simplicity of these angels - cannot wait to try them
    Thank you


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