Inspiration: Art is a Way

By Christy - February 21, 2014

Art is a Way, a path strewn with ethereal papercut flowers  is a most beautiful place to think, dream and be inspired. Created by the legendary papercut artist Elsa Mora, the site invites you to linger awhile, cup of herbal tea in hand to discover and rediscover your inner artist in the truest, most authentic way.

Thank you to Ane Pixestos for sharing this gem of a site. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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  1. I neglected to mention that I found that site through the links in the sidebar of one of my favourite blogs, Yew Tree Nights, about the Medieval and folk inspired art of a painter and printmaker who has lived in Europe, America, and Asia.
    Here's to wishing us all a fruitfully creative week.

  2. What a lovely website! Thanks for sharing this gem! :)


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