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Deco Tape Utility Canister DIY

To tell you the truth I love deco tapes more than washi tapes. Deco tapes due to its plastic finish seem to be more durable and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use unlike its paper counterpart. The former readily adheres to a lot of surfaces like metal and plastic. It's really great for making recycled crafts!

You can use your deco tape utility cans to store everyday stash like teabags, coffee sachets and yes, craft items like washi tapes!


Empty tin can with coverAssorted deco tapes
How to make:

1. Peel off the label of a recycled tin can.  Clean surface with a clean cloth or tissue.

2. Mentally make a color palette using your deco tape patterns and color. Use it as a guide when sticking your deco tapes onto the can.

3. Cover the can completely with deco tape for a completely polished look.

4. Done!  Decorate your craft space or kitchen with your new deco tape utility cans.  Till next time!

Happy weekend!

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.

-John Ruskin

Make a doll for a craft birthday party

Girl Inspired  has a sweet idea for spring themed birthday parties! This make-a-doll project is perfect for craft birthday parties for big and little girls alike. Just personalize the dolls for every guest as an extra homemade touch.

Hope spring has sprung where you are! Happy Friday (yippee)!!

Yozo Craft Handmade Bags

Yozo Craft, the online store for craft and stationery supplies is now stocked with original handmade bags. Take a pick from their selection of shoulder, tote and insulated lunch bags made of cute Japanese fabrics.

Have a happy day!

Rain Garden

Having a quiet, rainy Sunday. I'm collecting all tranquil thoughts for a stress free new week. Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

Free People Beauty + DIY

Looking for natural beauty DIY recipes and tips? Look no further. Free People's Bldg 25 Blog has got all your beauty bases covered. From rice water cleansers to honey shampoo recipes, there's something for every "beauty naturalist." Explore the Beauty + DIY to make you feel and look beautiful inside and out.

Happy weekend!

Hand Lettered Canvas Pillow DIY

Hello there! Happy spring/summer wherever your latitude is. May you enjoy the new season and all the delightful things it brings.
I'm back with the first DIY tutorial for the year. Sorry, I haven't been so productive in the tutorials department lately but I will try my best to catch up.  I look forward to making some Spring/Easter craft projects soon.
This DIY project is inspired by my love for typographic pillows and other household items.  I can't seem to find the ones I like in the shops so I thought of customizing my own. You can use your favorite words, phrases or quotes for this particular project.  
Materials: Fiskars alphabet shape template toolFabric paintPencilCalligraphy paint brushMedium thick canvas fabricSewing machine/needle and thread 
How to make:

1. Measure the length and width of your throw pillow and cut out a piece of canvas fabric to fit the pillow accordingly. Make sure to include fabric seam allowance etc.

2. Position t…

Poketo Kids

Cute, unique stuff for kids (and kiddults) from Poketo. I really love the balancing blocks. So fun!

Tory Burch Spring 2014 Wallpaper

Sharing this fresh floral and botanical Spring 2014 desktop wallpaper from Tory Burch. Download one for your Ipad, Iphone or Android.

Have a sweet weekend!

DIY Cat Shoes from Scathingly Brilliant

Hello feline fanciers! You will love this DIY cat toe shoes tutorial from Kate of Scathingly Brilliant. The project looks so easy to make and customize. I'm thinking of making a pair in pastel shades inspired by those dreamy, romantic vintage shoes from Le Bunny Bleu.

Have a lovely new week!

Decorate your life

Wall decal and art from Sangsanghoo via BoxnCan
"Decorate your home. It gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is." -Charles M. Shulz

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Fox and Blankie Play Set DIY

How cute is this?  Abby Glassenberg of While She Naps has a wonderful Fox and Blankie Play Set especially designed for Timeless Treasures. I think both kids and adults will enjoy this little creation. I can imagine myself keeping the cute little fox inside my apron pockets while I'm baking apple pie.

Amy has lots of adorable DIYs  I may have to linger in her site the whole day. :)

Happy March!

Have a marvelous March! Enjoy the weekend.