Deco Tape Utility Canister DIY

By Christy - March 29, 2014

To tell you the truth I love deco tapes more than washi tapes. Deco tapes due to its plastic finish seem to be more durable and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use unlike its paper counterpart. The former readily adheres to a lot of surfaces like metal and plastic. It's really great for making recycled crafts!

You can use your deco tape utility cans to store everyday stash like teabags, coffee sachets and yes, craft items like washi tapes!


  • Empty tin can with cover
  • Assorted deco tapes

How to make:

1. Peel off the label of a recycled tin can.  Clean surface with a clean cloth or tissue.

2. Mentally make a color palette using your deco tape patterns and color. Use it as a guide when sticking your deco tapes onto the can.

3. Cover the can completely with deco tape for a completely polished look.

4. Done!  Decorate your craft space or kitchen with your new deco tape utility cans.  Till next time!

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