DIY hand drawn vinyl sticker tutorial

By Christy - July 13, 2014

I have a thing for handwritten, hand drawn design. There's something so charming about design that's raw, and sweetly imperfect. That probably explains why I love handwritten fonts so much! My blog banner is a testament to that! :)  

In arts and crafts, you can affix your style signature on (or in) just about anything. This DIY sticker project is a playful exercise in lending your personal touch to everyday household objects. A bit of warning though. Making DIY stickers can  be so addictive you'll be end up sticking your designs everywhere and anywhere!    



  • Clear vinyl sticker sheet
  • Extra fine point CD/DVD marker/permanent marker
  • Scissors 

How to make:

1. Using a fine point permanent marker, draw your designs on a clear vinyl sheet. Let dry completely. 
2. Cut out the design using scissors.
3. Remove the adhesive backing and apply to the surface of your choice.

Creative DIY sticker ideas:

1. Decorate your bathroom mirror with sunny handwritten mantras and life changing affirmations.
2. Make personalized decals for your computer or smartphone.
3. Personalize all the spice jars and cookie jars.
4. Make handwritten instructions for appliance/device usage.  
5. Decorate journals and notebooks.

Even the coffee machine isn't spared from my pesky doodled stickers.

My  Moon Flower inspired sticker design  for all the cookie jars.

 Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Till next time! 

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