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By Christy - July 12, 2014

I really have nothing to blog about these days except maybe for a few crafty acquisitions such as this Scandinavia Style Wrapping Paper Book from  Enogreeting. As the title suggests, the 32 decoration papers can be torn off  the book and used as gift wrapping paper for smallish presents. Alternately they make nice scrapbook materials or you can just stare at the pages. The prints and patterns are just too pretty! I bought my copy from a local bazaar kiosk. You can get a copy of these wrapping paper books online from Paper Chic Studio on Big Cartel.    

These are gifts from my sister who knows I love rubber stamps so much. Aren't those stamps designed as little wooden cabinets just absolutely ducky?

Cat rubber stamps! It seems that cats are the new craft darlings! As the dog person that I am, it is only recently that I have become completely smitten with these feline creatures. I now have a pet "cat family" that makes everyday happy and purrfect!

I'll be back with a DIY tutorial tomorrow. Happy weekend!

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