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FotoJet: A fun way to make online posters, collages and Facebook covers

I finally found the best online collage, poster and  photo card application on the web! FotoJetis so fun and easy to use and you will enjoy making your own unique collages that are just perfect for blog posts, Facebook posts and timeline covers. Did I also mention that it also has the best and trendiest lay-outs and templates for photo cards and posters? I think need to take more photos so I can use them on FotoJet. I just love all the creative possibilities that this wonderful application offers. Give it a go, will you?

Here are just some of the templates that I tried:

Recipe: Raised doughnuts with assorted glazes

I can't tell you enough how much  I love these homemade raised doughnuts!  I made them one sunny Saturday afternoon where perfect weather conditions made the yeasted dough rise beautifully. I also had fun experimenting with various glaze  flavors such as matcha green tea, chocolate and sprinkles, pumpkin spice cinnamon sugar, chocolate almond  and  chocolate caramel. Best of all, I sort of got over my fear of working with active dry yeast. I used to mass murder yeast by getting the water too cool or too hot. To solve the problem, I got myself a candy/meat thermometer as I have observed that yeast will only work its magic when barometric conditions are right.   

I have also  tried various doughnut recipes in the past such as mini bundt pan cake donuts,homemade donut balls andbaked vanilla lemon sour cream donuts but I consider raised yeast doughnuts the best. All that rising action makes for fluffy, airy, munchy result.

I got the recipe from here.  Check it out as it is super awe…