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Great Easter party ideas from AtmosFX

Spring and Easter season is just around the corner. Check out these great Easter Party ideas from guest blogger Steve Hansen of  
Five Ways to Take Your Easter Party to the Next Level By Steve Hansen, of

Easter is one of those holidays that is steeped in tradition. Donning fancy hats or bonnets, enjoying delicious family feasts and, of course, discovering hidden eggs – sometimes weeks later. But sometimes it is fun to break tradition, just a little bit. So we’ve put together a list of great ways to build on your family’s Easter traditions – five things you can do this season that will thrill both adults and children.
1. Ensure a confirmed sighting of the Easter Bunny For so many, the Easter Bunny has always been like Santa – a visitor who comes and goes without being seen, leaving clues in the form of filled stockings or hidden Easter eggs. (For the rest of us, it often means a late night before the big day!) With AtmosFX’s latest digital decoration, Hop…