PAUMES books and handmade rubber stamps

By Christy - March 19, 2018

It's been awhile since I've received happy mail and when I do I feel so warm and fuzzy inside.  Look what arrived today! My édition PAUMES books from Doux Dimanche and customized rubber stamps  from Say it with Stamps. The PAUMES books arrived longer than expected and were smaller than I imagined them to be but overall I love the quality of the book printing.  The photos  are vividly beautiful and the book size is quite perfect.  Handy enough to snuck in your purse for some quick browsing while you are waiting in the airport or stuck in line. Never mind the fact that the texts are in Japanese and I can't understand a single word. The photos themselves speak a thousand words!

Here's to some French inspired organizing and decorating. Apparently, French style is not minimalistic but there is quirky beauty in a room full of collectibles and personal mementos arranged in a  je ne sais pas manner.

My rubber stamp collection is growing bigger with these newly carved rubber stamps from Instagram shop Say it with Stamps. Super cute and arrives in sweet packaging. Shop owner Lui even attaches a sweet hand-written note.

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