The cork board list

By Christy - March 13, 2018

I don't have a bucket list, only a cork board list.

I found this geography inspired cork board frame recently and it was on sale. It was the last piece on display so I immediately grabbed it since I have been eyeing it for weeks. It makes my inner cartographer happy. I have always been obsessed with maps. Back in the old days I would ask for my grandma's humongous map inserts found inside the mystical pages of National Geographic Magazine. So what do I do with this board? Maybe post names of random/must-visit/will visit in the next lifetime countries, international recipes, phone numbers, post-its, photos, art! The hippie side of me would say it makes a nice dream board. Perhaps this cork board would change my perspective a little bit. Maybe think of the world more as my oyster (pardon the cliche).
By the way, I really love this monochromatic colour scheme a lot. This earthy combo of bulletin board brown, sawdust and pinewood. Oh, if you want to see the other colors that rock my world check out this archive.

Happy new week!

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