Why I need Mollie Makes Blogging Guide to Creative Content

By Christy - May 12, 2018

I was browsing the downloads section of Mollie Makes magazine when I fell down the rabbit hole that is Zinio and found a treasure trove of Mollie Makes publications one of which is this ultra-informative Mollie Makes Blogging: The Big Guide to Creative Content.  I had to purchase and download it to my iPad as reference for future blogging because first of all it has a very pretty design and layout (truly a Mollie Makes signature) and secondly, my blog needs professional overhaul content wise. I could get all the help that I need. 

I have been blogging for a decade now but I haven't really followed professional tips and tricks on how to create engaging content. I usually don't have a blog content schedule or a plan.  I just freewheelingly write about whatever DIY project I'm working on at the moment and try to document the process. If my blog goes on hiatus for months, it only means one thing- my creative life is on a dry spell or I seriously don't have anything to write about.

The thing is, there's always room for improvement as tech tools and platforms continually evolve. Truth be told, good ideas never run out but we are just too much in a funk to notice stuff that are worth writing about. That's why we bloggers, old and new need some kind of a push to get us out of a creative rut.  Thank heavens for Mollie Makes!

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