Why I love rainy days

By Christy - June 09, 2018

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After what seems like a cruel, eternal summer comes the rainy season. I am a pluviophile, someone who finds peace and comfort during rainy days. Hence, I welcome this season with gratitude. Hardly my favourite season, summer sucks my soul dry and I often find my temper soaring with the heat. In contrast, the wet season keeps me calm, balanced and more productive and creative.

Rain makes me happy. I love raindrops cascading from tin rooftops. I love the playful splashing of puddles and the over-all feeling coziness that rainy days brings. My cats in particular get extra snuggly and that makes me extra happy!

On a rainy weekend like this, I just stay in bed reading a new book or watch K-dramas on Netflix. In between, I revisit my Google Keep list  seeking to  materialize the creative daydreams that have been simmering all summer.

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