Crafting with Bear Mama DIY

By Christy - July 03, 2018

One of the best craft stores that you must visit in Taipei aside from the Eslite Lifestyle Center in Xinyi District is Bear Mama DIY. It is a one-stop shop for arts and crafts enthusiasts. I had no problem locating this shop since it was a few steps away from the hotel I was staying in the Taipei Main Station area. Bear Mama is a basement shop and if you're not attentive you might miss it altogether. I was specifically looking for polyester quilt batting but unfortunately I couldn't find any. However there were lots of other craft materials that were to my liking such as craft kits, rubber stamps, doll making kits, woodwork and leather craft making kits and more. There were also lots of findings, bits and bobs and plenty of materials for knitting and crochet enthusiasts. Too bad I don't crochet or knit or else I would have gone bankrupt!

Rubber stamps and craft kits from Bear Mama DIY

Kitty cats and bubble milk tea! One of the cute stuff I found at Bear Mama DIY. It's actually a cloth wiper but I used it as wall art. 

Bus Card Holder DIY

Perfect for transport card or ID card

Easy to do craft even if the instruction is written in Chinese

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