Easter crafting

By Christy - March 20, 2009

My hand-sewn country hunnybunny

Easter crafting is officially open! Here's a sampler of the cutest Easter themed crafts to make and do:

Also, visit Happy Handmades for chic springtime craft goodies!

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  1. I love Easter Christy. I always like to Spring clean around the place before I start making plans for it. A very sweet bunny indeed. x

  2. Too, too cute. Are you still doing all this by hand or have you fired up a sewing machine? (I think you mentioned before that you did your stitching by hand.) Anyway, one way or another, I love here. (BTW... just placed my first order at your store. Very excited ;)

  3. I love floopy eared bunny! too adorable!


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