Christmas Craft Tutorial : Sweet Stitches Christmas Wrappers

Santa's Treat: Fill a kraft paper Christmas stocking with candies and lollies

Give your holiday presents a cozy, homespun look with nary a transparent tape in sight! Explore a wide variety of commercial wrapping papers such as satin blend fiber wrapping papers or brown kraft papers and add sew special embellishments such as crocheted doilies, vintage laces, gingham ribbons or pretty peppermint buttons. Simply sew a gift bag (hand sewn or machine sewn), tuck in your present (wrap them in tissue first if the wrapping paper is semi- transparent) and sew all around. Trim the top flap with with a scallop scissor or paper punch.

For the Christmas season, you can create little kraft paper ornaments filled with tiny toys and treats. Cut them out in Christmas shapes and sew all around. Add a festive twine if you plan to hang them on the Christmas tree.

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