Mosaic Monday: Let it Snow!

1. snow globe christmas cookies, 2. Santa Snow Globe, 3. Snow globe, 4. Christmas Snow Globe, 5. Crystal Snowglobe, 6. Snow Globe Cupcakes, 7. Let it Michigan!, 8. please don't lick the glass, 9. Second Star to the Right...

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  1. The one in the middle is awesome!
    Have a great new week ahead, Christy.
    Lots of c o l d weather is banging on my door, I am not ready for it yet...

  2. Such beautiful delights, the Hello Kitty is sooo sweet.

    Have a gorgeous

  3. Those are beautiful!
    I never really thought I loved snowglobes that much until last week I held on in my hands again. Makes me appreciate the couple awesome ones I have again.

    It is snowing here a bit too already.


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