Sweet Tidings 3rd Day of Christmas: Winter Fairy Land Snow Domes

Recycled glass jam jars of various shapes and sizes are perfect for creating homemade snow domes. With a bit of faux snow, craft glitter and lots of imagination, you can easily create tiny, magical snow covered vignettes of storybook winter fairy wonderlands.

Winter Fairy Snow Domes


  • Jam or jelly jars of various shapes and sizes
  • Styrofoam balls (big enough to fit jam jar lid)
  • Faux/fake snow
  • Spanish moss
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick
  • Craft glitter
  • Woodland/fairy elements--toadstool mushrooms,  plastic reindeer, gnome, pixie, fairy doll
  • Ribbon

1. Using hot glue, attach a piece of styrofoam ball to the surface of the insides of the jar cover. Cover styrofoam ball with spanish moss. Glue tiny figurine or item to the mddle of the styrofoam ball.  Let dry.

2.Spoon some faux snow into the glass jam jar. Add craft glitter to create sparkle and dimensional effect. Replace the jam jar cover and screw the lid tightly. Your homemade snowdome is now ready to be enjoyed and dsiplayed in your favorite Christmas corner.

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  1. these are awesome! If I can find something to put in one, I'm going to make one this week

  2. These are sweeeeeeeeeet, Christy. I have to copy your idea, it really is gorgeous!
    Have a happy start to the new week xoxoxo

  3. These are so Christmassy and magical. Absolutely beautiful!

  4. I have alway wanted to make these lovely snow globes....yours are lovely. xoxoxo

    Love your sweet blog ....just found you.


  5. so cute....but where can you find the toadstools????

  6. Those are gorgeous, I'm definitely gonna try this!

  7. Such a wonderful idea, I will have to make them with my princess she will adore it.

    Have a gorgeous day. xxx

  8. oh so cute!!!! what a fun collection these would make on a table!!!

  9. What an adorable blog you have! I just stumbled upon it. So many cute, adorable things for the holidays! I would love to try this with my daughter - thanks for sharing! :)

  10. muy interesante.


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