Craft Yarn Council’s ‘I Love Yarn Day’ to unite yarn lovers across the world

By Christy - October 08, 2018


Carrollton, TX (July 23, 2018) - Are you an avid yarn crafter? Do you enjoy posting your latest work in progress or yarn buy on social media?
I Love Yarn Day, the second Saturday in October, is a day for yarn enthusiasts to share what they love about yarn crafting. The day will engage crocheters and knitters around the world to share why they love to craft with yarn.
“I Love Yarn Day is a chance for yarn crafters to reflect on what their craft means to them and share it with others,” said Jenny Bessonette, executive director of the Craft Yarn Council. “Whether you learned when you were five or 85, these are activities that anyone can learn and enjoy.”
Yarn crafts are not only meaningful and fun, but they provide numerous health benefits too. Studies have shown that knitting and crochet can help reduce stress and provide a sense of pride and accomplishment. The crafts can even help with pain management.
“A survey conducted by the council in 2018 confirms the numerous health benefits of yarn crafts like knitting and crocheting,” Bessonette said. “We invite all of our followers to participate by posting and talking about how yarn has affected their lives.”
There are many ways to get involved. For inspiration, ideas and tips for teaching others how to knit and crochet, free patterns, yarn party ideas, contests with fiber-fabulous prizes and more, we encourage everyone to visit our social media pages, including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


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