PDF Compressor Limited Time Giveaway (Until June 28, 2019)

PDF Compressor is giving away a productivity boosting software giveaway for PDF Compressor Pro. The giveaway is available until June 28, 2019. Visit the  PDF Compressor website and download the software copy and paste the promotion code "PDFCMPRSR2019J" into the "Promo Code" box.  Click on the  "verify" button and the giveaway area including the serial key will display immediately. 

PDF Compressor is a Windows utility that compresses both text PDF and scanned PDF files and reduces PDF file size from larger than 30 MB to only 1 - 3 MB (Compression Ratio: 10%) fast and easily. This tool allows users to change the compressing value to get better compressed result and content quality. Also, the program supports batch mode and lets users compress hundreds of PDF documents at one time. 

PDF Compressor can save the compressed PDF documents to original PDF folder without overwriting the original PDF files. But if you like, it can also output compressed files to a specified folder path. 

The program can automatically remove the restriction from protected PDF files as well. 

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