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Images from Cute Things from Japan 

Japan is famous for its amazing assortment of stationery goods. Just visit any Loft  store in Tokyo and you will be astounded by the overwhelming wall-to-wall selection of stationery products. Imagine a large wall field with nothing but stickers! You won't even know where to start or where to look first. Thank God for online Japanese stationery shops. It provides a calmer space where you can browse products without hyperventilating and passing out, LOL!

Images from Cute Things from Japan
Online Japanese stationery store Cute Things from Japan which has a little brick and mortar shop in Tokyo is a great place to find rubber stamps, postcards and washi tapes and other stationery goods designed by Japanese and international creators as well as design collaborations. It has a warm zakka feel to it which I really, really like!

Moon calendar

Ephemera style postcards

Journaling tapes and elements

Rubber stamps for coffee lovers

Washi tapes for cat lovers

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