Rain clouds and empty green bottles

By Christy Amular - March 04, 2011

The sun won't shine till the clouds are gone
The clouds won't go till their work is done
And every morning you'll hear me pray
'If only it would rain today'

-Sting, Heavy Cloud, No Rain 

"Lace- the invention of a goddess and the occupation of a queen."


What's your favorite cloud formation? Mine is cumulus of course although I also love, wispy, feathery cirrus.

After 10 months  I finally got around to making the Cloud +Raindrop Mobile project from Burdastyle. It's so cute to literally have a rain  cloud hanging over your head. It makes you want to think deep, profound thoughts. When I'm feeling philosophical I usually update my photo blog.  

Let's talk about recycled crafts for a minute. What stuff do you like to recycle? I hate throwing away bottles especially green colored ones. There's something Real Simpl-ish about them and they become objects d' art when grouped together. Much so, they're even prettier when laced up with nifty Japanese contraption called the lace seal. Empty Soju and Perrier bottle never looked so pretty!

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Well, the weekend is here. Wishing you a happy one!

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  1. the rain cloud is so cute! i feel like creating one for myself :)

  2. These are cool crafts! Thanks for posting!


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